Victoria Lynn Schultz

After a tour throughout China with the Mantovani Orchestra harpist Victoria shared this famous Chinese melody with Stringfyre.

       Jonita, fiddle, performed with legendary country musicians including Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, and John Hartford.  Returning to the country of her heritage,   Jonita performed in Norway at folk festivals.

        Victoria, harp, vocals and keyboard, performed her original compositions for “The Healing Garden:  Perfect Calm” CD which reached Billboard's top 20 list for New Age Music. She has toured with such artists as Celtic Woman, Josh Groban, JohnnyMatthis and as soloist with the Chieftains.

       Craig, fiddle, viola da gamba, lute, guitar, flute, recorders, and vocals, has performed for many years with Celtic, Irish,and Contemporary bands throughout Central Florida.  He is a specialist in Renaissance and Medieval instruments and has performed with several Renaissance concert ensembles.

Our fiddler Jonita has been a featured performer in Tivoli Park in Japan.

The instruments  imitate the Japanese Koto.

Fanny Power and Ash Grove represent music from Ireland and Wales.  The full song list of authentic jigs, reels, polkas and airs is available by request.

What do you get when you combine  a championship fiddler from Nashville,  a classical piano prodigy turned harpist from Kansas City, and a talented multi-instrumentalist from Orlando? Stringfyre offers a unique Contemporary sound with acoustic instruments performing original music, haunting melodies of Scandinavia, the Orient, and music of the Celts.

 Heather Dance is an original  composition by Victoria.

Members of Stringfyre have been featured entertainers for Theme parks in Central Florida, Celtic, Scottish, Irish and Scandinavian themed folk festivals, Concerts and tours from Norway to China.